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How to use a radar detector

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Many people believe that a radar detector gives them the freedom to drive fast. But that is wrong; a radar detector gives you the freedom to drive but not fast and dangerously. The aim of the radar detector is to help you drive safely, without having to worry about speed tickets. But, it does not give you the freedom to drive fast and carelessly and cause accidents.

Recently, I spoke to a traffic radar instructor and from him I understood one important point. If you are going to use a radar detector, he recommends looking for a portable radar detector and you should be aware of its uses. If you do not understand the use of a radar detector clearly, you will end up in more trouble.

The job of a radar detector is to read certain frequencies and alert you. The frequencies they read usually are frequencies of radar guns installed by traffic police. So don’t assume that your radar detector will inform you about a traffic police or traffic vehicle that is there to check the speed of your vehicle.

When you are using a radar detector, it is very important to mount the device correctly. If the radar detector is not mounted correctly, you will not be able to track the signals of the radar guns. Mounting a radar detector too high can cause you to take your eye off the road and cause accidents. So, be sure you are mounting your radar detector correctly for best results.

Reading alerts is very important if you want to successfully use a radar detector. There are various signals /alerts sent by the radar detector. So, you must be able to understand each one.

As a driver, never expect too much from your radar detector. I have seen many people are overconfident after installing a radar detector in their vehicle, and they end up getting speed tickets. A radar detector only confirms the presence of radar guns. You have take responsive action and save yourself from speed tickets.

The right mode is important when you are using a radar detector. I often see people using the wrong mode and getting caught for over speed. If you are travelling in the city, you should make sure you set the city mode in your radar detector. If you set the highway mode and drive in the city, you will receive more alarms.

Using a radar detector does not guarantee you anything but using a radar detector efficiently in the right sense will help you follow the rule of law and keep you protected.

How to buy an RV fridge

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When on the road, you need to be able to benefit from at least a small part of your home comfort. Since we all know that you can’t go to a store in the middle of nowhere, you need to pack food and other supplies with you while RVing. In order to keep your food and water fresh, you should invest in a good RV fridge.

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances that you need to have in your RV. Even if it can be a tad overwhelming trying to decide on a specific model, you need to have a general idea types, features, and capacity. Since I’ve already been on this road and I’ve done my share of homework in this area, I can give you some useful tips to make your job easier.


Firstly, you need to understand that RV refrigerators and residential units have different operating systems. RV fridges use a principle based on absorption that requires heat and a combination of hydrogen gas and water. When these chemicals react, they go through various tubes. Thanks to the evaporation and the condensation process made by them, the refrigerator keeps the interior cool. Therefore, there’s no need for mechanical moving parts in order to start the cooling operation.

Thanks to the modern discoveries, refrigerator suitable for RVs are outfitted with an automatic feature that ensures that when there’s no more AC electricity, the unit automatically switches to LP gas usage. If you get one of these units, you can rest assured that your food stays constantly cold without having to manually flip the switch.



In terms of RV fridge types, there are basically two main types to choose from.  There are gas and electric devices. You might find available on the market models that combine the two powering options in order to provide you more functionality while going on a camping holiday. I suggest getting a portable electric fridge as an alternative if your current RV refrigerator breaks down and you don’t have time to replace it with a newer one.

Depending on your budget limitations, you can purchase the model that suits best your personal preferences and needs. Because an RV fridge is an excellent investment, you should be prepared to spend somewhere between 600$ to 1500$, if you want to get a larger unit that can accommodate a large selection of food and supplies. However, make sure you shop around and try to compare prices prior to making your final decision.


As far as the fridge capacity goes, it’s crucial to get the right size and capacity that you and your family need for your future RV camping trips. If the item is too small and you travel with a large group of people, you might end up needing a portable fridge that takes up space. It’s better to think wisely and choose a fridge that is suitable for your RV size.